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Porch Reports Featuring Nancy Hardee

Porch Report:

Word of the day: Purpose
Meaning: noun- the reason which something is done or created or for which something exists
verb: have as one’s intention or objective
Used in a sentence: Do the best you can, God knows your purpose.

Porch Report:

Things change... one day the weather is “perfect” the next day it’s raining “cats and dogs”..... can’t control the weather but that’s why they make windshield wipers and rain coats!
Moral to the story: The choice is ours to get out and enjoy the day.....
Don’t let minor details spoil it!

Porch Report:

Have you ever been “used”? Think about it ....

that ah ha moment when you realized your good heart has been taken advantage of. I’m sure most of us have had a moment like that. How does it make you feel?

Do you tell yourself “ that won’t happen again?”
Look at it from the “other side”.
Be honest with yourself.... have you ever “used” someone?
Did you tell yourself “that won’t happen again?”
The difference is, the “used” are givers and the “users” are takers....
Have a thoughtful day my friends.

"When we do something in good faith we will be rewarded.... when we do something selfishly there is no reward."

Porch Report:

Don’t let other peoples insecurities and frustrations sidetrack you.
By helping people when they ask you, you take the risk of being manipulated and used.
Moral to the story: Don’t ever let others keep you from being you.
Have a great day!

Porch Report:

Ever heard the expression, “haste makes waste”? Do you give thought to this when making decisions.....

or just jump in feet first?

Do you consider all things involved ....

the financial investments...

your physical involvement and mostly your time?
Time is a very important part of the equation if you think about it....

you can never get it back ... ever ... so hastily wasting it is foolish of us.
“You may not know what to do but if you observe carefully you will know what Not to do”
Moral to the story : Don’t let someone waste your time to benefit themselves....

observe before you jump in ....

you’ll never get wasted time back.

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