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What's in it for you??

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If you haven't been to one of our events you might be wondering what's in it for me? Or why should I attend clinics here? What makes this worth my time and money? So let's get started.

This is a place where you can learn, practice , and improve your horsemanship with a community of equine enthusiast.

I started MANE CIRCLE a little over 6 years with the idea to bring horse people together.

There is a growing need to connect individuals with instruction from professionals that they may not be exposed to otherwise. As well as assist equine pros by offering a venue in front of a new audience.

We came up with offering a grassroots way to bring the two together.

A CIRCLE, if you will, somewhere in which you can feel comfortable.


Here you will find a place to start your journey if you are new to horses,

continue and improve your horsemanship skills you may already have,

try out different disciplines & trainers

and have encouragement along the way from your MANE CIRCLE.

As the towns and cities build up around us there are a lot of changes going on within the equine industry. Now more than ever we see the need to listen to the "old timers" while they are still able to offer advise while encouraging our youth to be involved in agriculture going forward.

To achieve both we had to find something fun, motivating, inspiring, and doable. The popularity of obstacles or trail, cattle and ranch, as well as knowing the maneuvers necessary to achieve basic horsemanship has led us to the Versatility Ranch Horse discipline.  

We offer the only natural Ranch Obstacle course in Florida! So when we have a trail class or clinic it's on a natural course not set up in an arena or grassy area. It includes all of the required Versatility Ranch Horse obstacles and much more!!

We have cattle available for practice days and clinics

with experienced, qualified clinicians.

And book accordingly. As you know it is just too hot in the summer to ask your livestock to moooove around much. So we reserve cattle days for the cooler months. It's only fair.

Our focus is on promoting horsemanship by bringing quality, knowledgable clinicians, judges, coaches, and equine professionals to a central location with a..."Positive atmosphere"

"Think positive & positive things will happen"

We hope you will join us...

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